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If you are ready for more money, more joy, more balance, more passionate purposeful prosperity, Aligning with Abundance™ (AWA) is the perfect life-changing program for you.

Introducing the world's ONLY hypnomeditation and
energy healing audio to put your

AWA integrates mind-body-and soul healing to help you align at the quantum, cellular, physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels with your positive intentions for success.

By now, you are probably familiar with the Law of Attraction (LoA), recently popularized by the hit movie and book The Secret. This universal principle has actually been around for as long as the universe itself, and many teachers and books have presented this concept, including Napoleon Hill, Shakti Gawain, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Esther Hicks (Abraham) and more. However many of these techniques do not go DEEP enough or HIGH enough.


If you have been trying to do Law of Attraction practices for manifestation yet you are feeling frustrated by the slow (or no) progress you have had so far, you were guided to THIS PROGRAM for a reason today! Because Aligning with Abundance is part of the Angelic Abundance Activator program -- recently voted #1 Law of Attraction Program Worldwide!

People in 18 countries independently voted us #1 because of our unique Science-Meets-Spirit higher & deeper approach. There is no other abundance program designed by Archangel Michael which also blends chakra and aura alignment, Reiki, hypnotic 100% positive brain entrainment, a comprehensive approach to deeply attune you to prosperity and align you with your life purpose and life of JOY & ABUNDANCE.

And now this R-Evolutionary program is our way of making the most powerful brain entrainment + spiritual abundance activating program available to thousands more people very affordably today.


The LoA tells us:

What we focus on, on the inside,
We create on the outside.

Other ways of describing it would be:

Thoughts are things and have energy,
which is a creative force
that manifests in our life experiences.

The outer reflects the inner.

We create our reality with our thoughts.

The Universe is our mirror.


"Sage's Aligning With Abundance MP3 is extremely powerful.

Right after I started listening to it, I had so many VIP clients sign up, I was totally sold out and I had my first $15,000 month. I highly recommend it!"

- Nathalie Chapron, www.youshineonstage.com



"Coming back to your Aligning with Abundance, I find it truly awesome. It's love, light, power,beauty and truth - really special. The height of hypnohealing. Bliss, ecstasy and orgasmic come to mind. Thanks for being such a glorious channel of and for the Divine. I am listening to your audio as I write. It is so pure and from such a high place. I feel it. I have never heard more beautiful words aligning me to my highest purpose. I just keep playing it. Thank you!"

~ David Pashby, Poland



"If you have been feeling blocked around money, Sage's work gets to deep levels within your psyche that were keeping you from the purposeful prosperity that you deserve. I really enjoy her empowering meditation audios, in particular Aligning with Abundance, and use them whenever I need a prosperity consciousness attunement and an instant emotional lift. They really work!"

---Dr. Michelle Casto, http://www.Brightlightcoach.com


But why is it that you can say affirmations until you’re blue in the face, but still don’t have enough green in the bank? Or you can have money but still not FEEL prosperous?

If you've been wondering that, read on because this will change your life.

If you’ve been striving to apply the Law of Attraction, struggling to make more money, or wondering how you can really be prosperous AND do what you love at the same time…

Get ready for a REVOLUTIONARY way to catalyze more success, receive more money, do more creative, fulfilling work, enjoy more harmonious relationships, and celebrate the life you came here to live.

Even if you have been actively working with the Law of Attraction through affirmations, positive intentions, Vision Boards, there are two essential MISSING KEYS that are crucial for your success.

Until you have these keys, all your efforts to create positive change will feel like work. One step forward, one or two steps back... Once you do have the Golden Keys to Abundance that you need to succeed, you will be VIBRATIONALLY ALIGNED with the abundance, love and happiness you desire.


"The Aligning with Abundance™ audio is amazing! After I listened to it for the first time, the very next day, I won $400!

I know that because of the Aligning with Abundance audio, I was lined up to receive this money. I heard my inner guidance telling me to go for it, and sure enough, I won!

I just can’t wait to see what this does for me next."

- Felicia Burns


Are you ready for more steady,
consistent results?

Are you ready for your Quantum Leap
through your Golden Portal?

If you said yes, get ready for the GOOD NEWS!


Immediate Download

MP3 $47.00


Value $197 yet priceless!


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The good news is, once you really master the use of these two keys, you will find it natural and easy to manifest your desires because you will be deeply

It’s simply not enough to work at the level of the conscious mind or behavioral change alone.

This is why you can walk into any health club in February, that, in January, was jam packed with people brimming with positive intentions and taking action steps toward their goals….And just a few weeks later, you will see that the vast majority of those people have already fallen off track. The health club is nearly empty again.

Willpower becomes won’t power.

And this is just as true whether the change you want to create is in your wealth, your relationships, your health or any other area of your life. Because as Archangel Michael has told Sage, creator of Aligning with Abundance:



Sage, I'm really loving the Aligning with Abundance audio. There’s so much loving energy vibrating from your voice. I listen to this often. And The Right Livelihood Prayer is so beautiful!

I have several binaural beat CDs, audios and hypnotherapy recordings, and meditations of all sorts, so I am very experienced in this area. I know an excellent quality recording when I hear one and I do appreciate just how good yours is.


In fact, I went to bed last night listening to it with my headphones on, and I had the most amazing lucid dreams of flying and being happy with my family.

After listening last night, I woke up feeling absolutely wonderful and ready to move forward. This morning my phone has been full of loving messages from potential clients interested in booking sessions with me, so the magnetism is working already!

This Aligning with Abundance program is great! This abundance audio is moving prosperity energy for me FAST!

I am gladly shouting this out from the roof top, as our world needs this work pronto. Thank you so much, Sage! You are truly an Earth angel.

- Rev. Bola Animashaun, England
'Life Lessons - by Rev.Bola'


Key #1:
Reprogramming Your Beliefs

"Habits are thousands of times stronger
than desires."
- John Assaraf (teacher in The Secret)
& Murray Smith, The Answer

What we now conclusively know - what mystics, shamans, saints, psychics and spiritual teachers have known for millennia - due to breakthroughs in quantum physics, cellular biology, epigenetics and neuroscience, is this:


Your conscious mind loses focus every 6 to 10 seconds. Your subconscious mind loses focus… never. Period. Everything is subconsciously retained and is potentially accessible forever. (That is, unless you reprogram it!)


The part of your thinking that you are consciously aware of is responsible for about 3 percent of your feelings and experiences.


Your subconscious governs the other 97%!


Everything is made up of vibrating energy.


Nonconscious impulses travel 800 times faster than our conscious impulses (thoughts).


We live in an interconnected field of consciousness, known by many names: the Akashic field, the collective unconscious, the morphogenetic field and the Zero-Point Field, et. al.


Through this field of energy, our thoughts, especially our recurrent, deeply embedded unconscious thoughts, actually shape – not only our emotions – but our physical experiences!


Therefore, our unconscious beliefs are our predominant thoughts, whether we are aware of them or not, and have the most power to shape our lives.

Thus, when you master your unconscious beliefs,
you will master your life.


Key #2:
Healing Your Energy Field

Your energy field or aura both reflects and creates your reality, in a synergistic integration, with your mind (both conscious and unconscious thoughts), your heart (emotional center and feelings), and your body, physically and at the cellular level.

If you have blockages in your chakras, cords, or other energetic negative influences, this will impede your ability to manifest your desires into physical manifestation. You need to be spiritually and energetically clear and aligned with positive energy.

When you heal at the spiritual, energetic soul level, you will create the necessary environment within and around you, for prosperity – and all your heart’s highest desires - to take place.

Thus, it is absolutely necessary to install your positive prosperity beliefs at the deepest levels and omnidimensionally: Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.

The standard LoA methods only go so far as they are still a “top down” approach, essentially requiring a continuous reimmersion by focusing over and over on what you DO want, all day long, through visualization and affirmations, usually for months or even years to get any results.

And who has the time to do that hundreds of times a day? Do you?

Or would you like to create change the easier way?

Aligning with Abundance™ will help you
harness the amazing power of
to catalyze your quantum leap into abundance NOW!


"I've been sleeping to Aligning with Abundance™ every night, and I can really feel how it’s getting into my subconscious. I feel so much better about myself, less stressed and so more relaxed and confident about money.

"This audio is empowering me to take more control of my life. I had an inspired insight about how we can expand our business through the Internet.

I know that Aligning with Abundance™ is helping me see new possibilities and improve my life by raising up my beliefs, deservingness and self-confidence to build my wealth."
– Joan Woodward, Health & Fitness Industry, exerciseprogression.com


By activating the amazing power of your imaginative subconscious mind, your unconscious, you launch your dreams into physical reality as you install your highest vision, embracing and manifesting your dream life and total prosperity as your inner truth.

Thus, AWA takes a “bottom up” approach so you heal and change your life by changing your mind and energy field, from the inside out.

And because you are now ready for total success and happiness, you were magnetically drawn to these words, to this program, right now. There are no coincidences!

You’re probably thinking, "Wow, this program must cost a lot." It’s true that it has immense value. And, if you listen to it regularly, it will likely pay for itself tens, hundreds or thousands of times over.

But, in the Spirit of making this amazing program affordable for those who need it the most, part of OUR LIFE PURPOSE AND PASSION is our commitment to help as many people as possible. Our hard times of bankruptcy, food stamps and poverty are all behind us thanks to this program.

We understand that you need prices that are very reasonable … even for the best personal improvement products.

So, right now, you have this opportunity to receive the world's only brain entrainment, energy healing audio, Aligning with Abundance™, today for a small investment:



By purchasing Aligning with Abundance now, you'll also receive a
PDF of
20 MAG(net)IC MONEY AFFIRMATIONS along with your
Aligning with Abundance MP3


Immediate Download

MP3 $47.00


Value $197 yet priceless!


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And once you start listening to this program, you will notice that ALIGNING WITH ABUNDANCE™ goes far beyond other self-improvement audios because, in addition to creating a deeply relaxed, altered state, you are also using the power of prayer, chakra energy healing, breathwork, brainwave entrainment, plus intentional dreaming and QUANTUM ANCHORING™ to reinforce your positive prosperity beliefs, naturally and automatically, all day long, without any effort.



I have been searching and praying to discover my true destiny and right livelihood for more than 25 years. Finally, now I know who I really AM and what I came here to do and be! Thanks to your Aligning with Abundance audio every night and the beautiful Right Livelihood Prayer. My eyes were finally opened for me to see! Thank you so much, Sage!"

– Francois Sylvain




"The money is just flowing in. And it worked fast!"

"This audio is changing me deep inside! This is really powerful, much more than I expected. I can’t quite believe how effective it is, but I have to believe it because the results are showing up in my life!

I went from practically no work or money to having so much now, Sage, I am amazed."

- Eric Ellis


Takes No Time – Boost Prosperity Beliefs While You Sleep!

That’s the most amazing benefit of this prosperity reprogramming audio:
It takes ZERO EXTRA TIME because you can just hit “play” and sleep to it! Plus, the Quantum Anchoring™ reinforces your new prosperity program all day long.

Your unconscious mind will hear the words, create the images, beliefs and feelings that align you with your best life of joyful purpose and wealth, while you sleep the night away.

ADDED BENEFIT! In fact, many people report that listening to ALIGNING WITH ABUNDANCE actually improves their sleep! You just hit play and wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

The creator of this revolutionary program, Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley, CHT, RM is both a hypnotherapist and a Third-Degree Reiki Master Energy Healer, Money Reiki Master, as well as an Archangel Michael channel and Intuitive Abundance and Soulwork Business Acceleration Coach. As a home-based six-figure entrepreneur and mom, Sage understands firsthand how important it is for a self-improvement program to be EASY to fit into your busy life.

Revolutionary Mind-Body Sound Technology and Brain Entrainment

You want abundance and you want it NOW.

Sage’s team brought together the very best in cutting-edge neuroscience sound technologies to optimize your results, quickly and easily.

Binaural beats and binaural sound recording further facilitate your optimal shift in consciousness.

What does this mean for you? As you listen to the recording, the sounds are automatically creating a coherent and harmonized brain wave pattern at a lower brainwave frequency - the Theta Brainwave level - so your positive prosperity beliefs and images are deeply embedded in your unconscious.


"I started listening to the 'Aligning With Abundance' CD in late June 2010. I have continued to listen to it almost daily for several months. I have had a small astrology service business since early 2008 which had yielded some income but not what I have been wanting. Since using the CD regularly, my average monthly income from my business has nearly quadrupled with the increase experienced almost immediately. And I have a graph to prove it!

It's great to see work associated with my right livelihood yielding some positive and tangible results. The only explanation that I have for the sudden and consistent increase is monthly average income is that I started using the CD at the time that the improvements began. I highly recommend listening to the CD and enjoying the relaxing meditation on your way to personal abundance!"




Rev. Christopher Robert Taylor
Modern Astrology for Conscious Living
(See graph below)


Receive More Divine Abundance

Because we believe that prayer is powerful, that as you ask, so it is given, and that God, a.k.a. Your Universe, wants to shower you with blessings, we also designed Aligning with Abundance™ as a spiritual healing and heart-centered prayerful attunement, to reconnect you with Source and your authentic self.

Fulfill Your Life Purpose

Abundance isn’t just about money. True prosperity means you are fulfilling your unique purpose in this life. Aligning with Abundance™ will help you create positive change by BEING WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

If you resonate with this perspective, you will love this program!

It doesn’t matter what religion you are, or if you consider yourself spiritual but not religious. The wording of AWA is transdenominational, interfaith, inspirational and useful by anyone.

This program was created to empower millions more people to do well by doing good, creating infinite positive ripples of personal and planetary transformation! So be sure to send your friends to this page.

If you have been, deep down, believing money is bad, money always slips through your hands, you don’t deserve a lot of money, you have to work hard for money -- or you can either prosper OR do what you love, you need this program.

It’s time for your Higher Prosperity Truth and total success!

AWA will help you really install the positive beliefs, and resonate with 100% knowingness that:

The more money I have, the greater the good I can do.

Align Your Entire Aura and All Chakras with Wealth!

You may be familiar with the chakras, the energy centers in the body. The seven major spinal chakras, from the tailbone up to the crown, govern physical wellbeing and security, sexuality and creativity, personal empowerment and will (ability to manifest), love and happiness, self-expression and communication, intuition and imagination, and connection with Spirit (God, Source).

Can you imagine how powerful
a program can be that actually
and your entire aura for abundance!

This is the missing piece you have been waiting for.

Can you imagine the kind of results YOU will personally experience? If you're curious to see what other listeners have said, read how this audio has changed their lives:


"Every time I listen to it, this prosperity audio helps me instantly get into the FEELING of abundance. I am a consultant and typically work for a corporation for a few months, then need to find a new contract, and AWA is helping me ride out those changes without the usual anxiety or fear I would feel.

I stay relaxed and know I am creating success in my life by focusing on what I really want, deep within.

And now I landed a wonderful new position!" – Marjorie Bryant, Transformational Leadership Expert




Immediate Download

MP3 $47.00
Value $197 yet priceless!



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"This program created an incredible inner shift, like hitting the reset button. Thanks to Aligning with Abundance™ and Happy Money!™, we have gotten more clients, expanded our business and have lots more money coming in steadily now, and growing!

In fact, our son said to me (Kathy), ‘Mom, I cannot believe how much you’ve changed since you started listening to Sage's CDs. You are so much more relaxed and positive now, it’s incredible.
I love it!’

Thank you so much, Sage, for the perfect tools to heal and empower ourselves so we could get into the positive spiral again and create more abundance in our lives!" -
Kathy, Business Owner


The Creator of Aligning with Abundance™, Intuitive HypnoCoach Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard explains:

"I personally credit this audio – along with the Happy Money!™ affirmations audio in the Prosperity Power Pack™ - with quadrupling my income in 90 days and setting me free from day jobs forever.

“These audios astronomically helped me and many others make the connection between doing work I love that helps the world AND prospering at the same time. Listeners say, ‘It’s like a switch was thrown!’

“You owe it to yourself to get totally lined up with the life you desire,
and the prosperity you deserve.

And this program can help you do so as no other can. I invite you to join me in living your dream life by treating yourself to this program."


Immediate Download

MP3 $47.00


Value $197 yet priceless!


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"I'm on Day 8 of Sage's Angelic Abundance Activator™ program and it's been AWESOME!! The results started showing up immediately.


On the second day, I was pleasantly surprised when the office manager of my solo law office told me we had received 2 checks from other lawyers amounting to over $7,600 for referrals! Not expected, no effort.

Then, also within days of starting the A3 course, I was meeting with another lawyer and he gave me a check for $14,866 for another case I didn't even remember giving him. WOW again! Over $22,000 in miracle money in just the first week of the Program!

I love the energy of the Aligning with Abundance™ meditation I am doing daily with A3, and I can feel it working on me on a deep level. I feel happier and more purposeful, I am amazed at all the money that has already showed up, and I can't wait to see what the next shifts are going to look like!

Namaste and Great Blessings to you!"

- Joseph Mitchell III



"After I started listening to Aligning with Abundance™, the Universe started miraculously opening doors for me...
This program made all the difference and lit my fire!

It awakened my own passion for my art and my life, and is strengthening my absolute commitment to being who I really am: a successful artist.

And it helped me receive a sudden gift of $13,000!
What a difference it’s making in my life!" - Running Deer (Mark)

Please Note: Of course no program can guarantee monetary results. Your own results will be based on many factors including your own commitment to regular use of these resources, your inspired action steps, and the severity of negative beliefs and energy that you need to release and reprogram. All testimonials are authentic real people like you getting real results. Most people get significant positive results with this program due to the powerful integration of multiple modalities, Mind-Body-Spirit holistic and deep 100% positive brain entrainment and aura realignment as well as the spiritual prayer and angelic and Reiki energies however your results may vary.

Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard, CHT, RM
Intuitive Abundance & Law of Attraction Coach
Archangel Michael Channel, Money Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master & Energy Healer

Create the Life - and Love - of Your Dreams!

That’s Sage on T. Harv Eker's Peak Potentials stage
(Best-selling author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind)
Presenting to 930 people, with joy

Aligning with Abundance is designed to help you
fulfill YOUR divine purpose!

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